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My name is Steffen Rölig. I studied engineering at the established Technical University Karl-Marx-Stadt (today Chemnitz).

1969 I started at the »Werkzeugmaschinenkombinat  Heckert«. To 1979 I qualified to the technical executive of the 4.200 employees counting enterprise.

In April 1991 I founded »HECKERT Umwelttechnik GmbH«, a successful medium-sized enterprise which, among others, has granded the »Innovation Prize« and 1996 the prize »Goldener Sachse«.

1998 I made it into self-employment with the foundation of the enterprise »Spezialmaschinen und Recyclingtechnik«.

With the knowledge of Polish and Russion language I am granted with flexibility also on eastern markets. Thus I maintain elaborate business relationships with Poland and Czech Republic.

In 1996 I founded in Zielona Góra / Poland the enterprise HUT. Since 2016 new business under my direction are done by HUT in the same quality.


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